Zoning FAQ

Zoning Regulations for a new Home


·        Minimum Lot Width 100 feet measured from one front pin (with sanitary sewer)

·        Minimum Lot Width 150 feet measured from one front pin (septic permit 

·        Required prior to application for zoning permit)

·        If an acre or more of land is disturbed (erosion control study required, EPA 

·        Requirement) Zoning Inspector will determine if needed

·        House needs to be at least 10 feet from side lot line (special requirements for corner lots)

·        Minimum Dwelling Size (1,000-sq. ft.)

·        Minimum Dwelling width (20 ft.)

·        Building Composition basement or fully enclosed concrete footer and foundation wall connecting the footer with the structure

·        Set Back Building Line (50ft) from right of way (start from front property pin and measure back 50 ft. State Highways (60 ft)

·        Maximum height 35 feet


Regulations for Building an Accessory Structure


·        Permit required prior to Construction

·        Total accessory Buildings not to exceed (2.5%) of the total square footage area of the lot size.  Permitting at least 768 square feet regardless of lot size

·        Not to exceed height of the house pertaining to lots less than (5) acres

·        Minimum side lot clearance (10 ft) if less than 20ft from rear building line of house


Any time a lot is divided, these need to be done through the Trumbull Planning Commission


Swimming Pools require a permit




May be located along property line, although a few feet are suggested for accessibility for maintenance. Fences may be no higher than 4ft (between the setback line and the right of way) (After the set back line fences may be 8 ft in height) (finished side facing the neighbors) Please call the Zoning Inspector before erecting a fence if any clarity is needed



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