Cemetery Rules

Questions? Contact Sexton Chris Connelly at 330-847-8915

-Cemetery Lots consist of 4 graves and can be purchased per grave.

-Standard Graves are 4’x12’

-Graves in the infant or Cremains section are 3’x6’

-The number of graves purchased and deeded at the residents price is limited to 2 per person.

-Any Resident of Champion Township who, due to medical or other reasons, are placed in a nursing home, convalescent center, extended care center, or a comparable licensed facility but had their residence in Champion Township shall be entitled to the residents fees for grave.

-Opening provided the grave was purchased while a Champion resident.

-The owner of a grave (Deed Holder) can designate anyone to be buried in that grave by filing a designation paper with the Cemetery Sexton.

-Graves can only be resold by selling back to Champion Township at the original price and the new owner repurchasing it directly from Champion Township at the current price.

-All funeral parties must arrive before 11am on Saturdays

-There are no Sunday or holiday burials.

-No Tents are permitted in the Cemetery

-Grave openings must be paid prior to burial.

-Funerals must be scheduled with the Cemetery Sexton prior to notification of any news publication.

-Vaults must be made of steel or concrete except in case of infants 1 day old or less.

-Cemetery personnel will do mowing and trimming on the grounds.

-Plants that become damaged or lifeless will become removed and not replaced.

-There shall be no trees or shrubs planted in Cemetery other than by Champion Township.

-The Cemetery Sexton must be contacted before any headstone foundations can be laid out.

-Moving of headstone is prohibited from existing foundations unless authorized by Cemetery Sexton

-All headstones shall be placed at the West end of the lot or grave, shall have a concrete foundation of not less than 30 inches deep and a four inch border around the stone.  Foundations should be a foot East of the West grave border.

-All headstones from the center of a section will face East to the nearest drive and from same centerline West to the nearest drive.

-Footstones or foundations should be at or below ground level.

-Flower beds are permitted but will be limited to an area 18” directly in front of the headstone.

-Topsoil or peat moss may be added to the flower beds only.

-Champion Township will not be responsible for lost or damaged plants, flowers, urns, vases and grave decoration due to vandalism, theft or windstorm.

-No farm or domestic animals are permitted in or on Cemetery grounds.

-The cemetery will close at dusk with no exceptions.

Champion Cemetery Prices

Please contact Champion Cemetery Sexton