Mosquito Spraying

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Champion Township will commence Mosquito Spraying on July 29, 2019 and August 26th from 8 p.m. and run through sunup. Residents are encouraged to keep windows closed and bring pets and food inside during the spraying.

Rain Date: July 30, 2019, August 27th, 2019

If you do not want your yard sprayed, please call Road Superintendent Chris Connelly at 330-847-8915.


Trumbull County Combined Health Department

Additional Information

 The return of warmer weather, coupled with recent rainfall, unfortunately provides favorable conditions for mosquito development.

The Trumbull County Combined Health Department would like to bring to your attention that their agency will be providing, at no cost, mosquito larvaciding service. This service will provide tablets that are dropped into stagnant water to inhibit mosquito breeding.

Larviciding is NOT meant to replace any action used to control adult mosquitos or replace personal protection efforts (i.e. use of repellents, wearing light colored clothing, long pants, long sleeve shirts, etc.)

If you have areas on your property that you would like treated, contact The Trumbull County Combined Health Department at (330) 675-2489. They also can answer any questions you may have concerning their services and recommendations related to mosquito control.