Protect Our Water


Chris Connelly

Champion Township Road Superintendent

May 4th, 2018

Now that warm weather is upon us again, the Champion Township Road Department has some reminders concerning storm water systems within our township.

Road ditches, pipes installed in road ditches, catch basins, culverts, small ditches or creeks, ponds, and also retention ponds are all devices designed to transfer surface water from private land, either along or under the roadways to our rivers and/or lakes. This storm water eventually becomes our drinking water. 

Generally, any drain or basin that has an opening to accept rain water is a storm water system, which is different from sewage systems which should be closed and eventually will go to a treatment facility. For that reason, and to prevent these systems from becoming plugged or blocked, we all have a responsibility to keep storm water systems clean and free of pollutants.

Any dumping of hazardous materials such as paint, antifreeze, motor oil, pesticides, etc. is a violation of Ohio laws. These materials, if disposed improperly in storm water systems, end up in our recreational and/or drinking water. Likewise, the dumping of grass clippings, leaves, branches or garbage could result in blockages which can severely restrict or block completely the drainage system. This can cause damage to homes and property due to flooding, as well as increase standing water, which can cause health concerns. 

Hopefully with all of our cooperation and effort, we can safeguard our drainage systems and water for the benefit of Champion residents and future generations. Thank you.