Michael Rozzo, Superintendent

Contact Information

 149 Center St. East

Warren, Ohio 44481 

Phone: 330-847-8915


Who should I call?

The following roads in Champion Township are State Routes and are maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation:

Route 5 + 82 bypass, Mahoning Ave., State Route 45, Center Street, State Route 305

If you live on these roads and/or wish to report a problem call O.D.O.T in Cortland at 330-637-1921

The following roads in Champion Township are Trumbull County Roads and maintained by the Trumbull County Engineer: Bristol Champion Townline Road, Champion Ave., Oakhill Dr., State Road, Research Dr., Educational Highway.

If you live on these roads and/or wish to report a problem call Trumbull County Engineers office at 330-675-2640.

The following roads are Township roads and maintained by the Champion Township Board of Trustees: Airport Rd., Allison Ave., Amanda Dr., Anderson-Anthony, Angel Court, Aspen Dr., Atwood St., Bond St., Brianna Way, Brookside Dr., Carolewood Circle, Carroll St., Chapel Hill Court, Chapel Hill Dr., Clearview Dr., Cleveland Ave., Clover Lane, Copeland Ave., Country Court, Craig Ave., Cross Creek Dr., Damon Ave., Doris Jean Dr., Earl Dr., Downs North, Durst Dr., Earl Dr., Edward St., Eldon Dr., Emerson Ave., Esther Ave., Fairgreen, Fairlane Dr., Folsom Rd., Gertrude St., Glendola Ave., Glenn Ave., Grassy Point, High St., Hillcrest Dr., Hill Top Dr., Hiram St., Holmes Ave., Hommel Dr., Jonathan Lane, Kincaid, Kuszmaul Ave., Lauder Ave., Livingston Circle, Louise Dr., Lynn Place, Mahoning Place., Marshal Ave., Maedowview Circle, Meadowview Dr., Miles St., Myrtle Ave., Nezbar, Nutwood Ave., Oak Hollow Dr., Old Colony, Ole Time Lane, Pat Ann Drive, Pierce rd., Pleasant St., Prentice Rd., Prospect Ave., Raymond Ave., Refractories Dr., Rellim Dr., Republic Ave., Richard Dr., Ridge Run Dr., Sabrina Lane, Sarah Ave., Shafer Rd., Shirley Lane, Stewart St., Sumerdale Ave., Sunnyfield Ave., Templeton, Towson Dr., Verona Ave., Vesey Ave., Virginia Dr., Walker St., Warrenton Dr., Waverly Dr., Woodrow Ave., Woodside Ave.  If you have a problem related to the road or are in need  of information you can call the Champion Road Department at 330-847-8915.  

If you encounter a problem on any roadway that you think is an emergency or a safety hazard you can call 911 and they will contact the appropriate agency.


Emergency or Safety Hazard call 911

Cortland O.D.O.T.  330-637-1921

Trumbull County Engineer -                   330-675-2640

Champion Road Department -                   330-847-8915