Welcome to Champion Township

Welcome to Champion Township

Welcome to Champion TownshipWelcome to Champion TownshipWelcome to Champion Township


Together We Prosper

Fiscal Office (330) 847-7690

Ohio Department of Health COVID-19 Checklists

Link to a site that provides checklist for Businesses, Churches, Schools, Families, Homes, Pharmacies, Childcare programs, Cleaning, Shopping, Isolation and other topics.


Covid-19 / Corona Virus Information

The Champion Township Board of Trustees will be monitoring all information that is provided by the Federal, State and Local resources concerning the Corona Virus Outbreak. Though the confirmed cases in Ohio is low, the governor is taking steps to ensure the safety of all Ohio residents. Please visit coronavirus.ohio.gov or The Ohio Department of Health at ODH.ohio.gov for any updates or new recommendations that may be offered by the State of Ohio. 

Proposed Waterline Extension Information

 Responses for those interested in connecting to water service or those choosing to have a curb box on their property are still being accepted by the Trumbull County Sanitary Engineers.   The Champion Township Board of Trustees believes that this project is beneficial to the residents of the Champion Township and supports the Trumbull County Engineers.  If you did not receive a survey or have misplaced it, we will be providing them at the administrative office.   


Champion Township Receives Grant for Cemetery Repairs

On Wednesday October 30, 2019 Champion Township was presented with a check in the amount of $5,000.00 from the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing. The grant was provided through the Dept of Commerce as part of their Cemetery Grant Fund.  This grant award will allow Champion Township to replace the cemetery chapel roof and make  some interior repairs to the structure. Champion Township was one of 65 cemeteries in 34 counties that received this initial grant though the Department of Commerce. 


Township Cleanup Day

  Champion Township Trustees and Community Groups have designated Saturday April 25, 2020 as Township Cleanup Day. 


Community Garage Sale Weekend

The Champion Community Garage Sale  will be held April 30th to May 2nd 2020.  No garage sale permit is required on this weekend.  


Cemetery Cleanup Dates

Champion Township has set the cemetery cleanup from April 23rd to May 2nd 2020.  We request all decorations be removed prior to this date.  Please see posting for details.

Champion Community Forum Questionnaire

Champion Township Fire Department Receives New Engine


On August 2nd The Champion Township Fire Department placed Their 2019 Sutphen Monarch fire engine in service. The purchase price of the new engine was $ 442,160.00 and will have an annual payment of $53,742.00 per year for 10 years. The newest edition of Engine 21, replaced the 1992 KME fire engine that had served the community for 28 hard years, The members of Champion Fire would like to thank the board of trustees for granting us the ability to purchase this state of the art engine for our community. Please take the time to stop by the station to look at your new engine!


Latest News


Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber

Champion Township supports the efforts of the Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber as a catalyst of economic development in our community.


Drive it Home Campaign

Champion Township supports the retention and creation of jobs within the Mahoning Valley.



History of Ohio Townships

The Pilgrims brought the Township form of government to America in 1620 and Townships are found in twenty-two states today. In Ohio, Townships predate state government and townships were typically five or six miles square in size.

Today, the township remains a political subdivision of the state. To keep pace with the demands of changing times, the functions, duties and obligations of townships have changed over the years. Demands for increased or different services have prompted the state legislature to grant Ohio’s 1,308 townships the authority to fulfill these changing needs. Ohio was admitted to the Union in 1803 then in 1804, Townships were established as the basic form of local government. 

Champion Township operates under the township form of government, which is the oldest form of government in the United States and the one closest to the people.The township is governed by a three-member board of trustees two of which are elected in November of the year after the presidential election. One is elected in November of the year before the presidential election. There is also an elected Township Fiscal Officer, who serves a term beginning on April 1st of the year after the election, which is held in November of the year before the presidential election. The three Trustees have the legislative authority of the township, and the Fiscal Officer, has all of the fiscal responsibilities of the Township. 

The Trustees decide issues of township policy and are responsible for all expenditures of funds. Some of the duties of the board include adopting the annual budget, serving as a board of finance and approving township contracts. Township trustees do not hold regular offices hours. They fulfill their duties on a part-time basis. However, because they live in the community, they are more readily available to their constituents. They are more able to deal with problems that arise in the township because of their intimate knowledge of the community, its needs and its people.   

The Fiscal Officer is an elected, non-voting, independent member of the Board of Trustees.  The Fiscal Officer has all of the fiscal responsibilities of the Township, including paying bills, payrolls, and receiving revenue as it is distributed to the Township and must comply with all legal requirements set forth in the Ohio Revised Code for the duties of this office. The Fiscal Officer's responsibilities also include keeping accurate record of the proceedings of board of township trustee meetings. 

Township government offers more personal service, more attention to individual needs, and a better understanding of local problems than any other unit of government. It is able to do this at low cost and with a minimum of red tape because it is closest to those it serves.