Garage Sale

Questions? Contact Rhonda Fonce at 330-847-6117



Garage Sale permits may be obtained in the Zoning Department during hours and the Police Department lobby 24 hours a day. Cost of a garage sale is $5.00 and may be paid in cash or a check made out to Champion Township. 

Champion Community garage sale weekend is scheduled yearly. Champion Community garage sale is a weekend each year that no permit, fee or registration is needed.  

Garage Sale Weekend


Community Garage Sale 2019 Dates are --- May 2, 3, 4, & 5, 2019.

  • No need to get a permit to have your sale
  • You will be responsible for your own advertising
  • Residents can list their garage sales at the web site free of charge.
  • It is not mandatory to list your sale on the web site, (this is just a advertising tool)
  • Suggest putting a yellow balloon at the end of your street and another on  your mail box!!!!!
  • Following the yellow balloons, is a helpful way to advertise by marking the houses and streets!!!!!!

Any questions feel free to contact the Champion Zoning Office 330-847-6117    

Good Luck with your sale!

Garage Sale Resolution



Garage Sale Resolution:

Garage Sales shall be limited to a maximum of five (5) consecutive days for each occurrence and two (2) annually per address.  Such GARAGE SALES shall require a GARAGE SALE PERMIT from the CHAMPION TOWNSHIP ZONING INSPECTOR.

(a)   Any person operating, maintaining or conducting a garage sale as defined by this SECTION shall before such sales are held, secure a garage sale permit, for the sum of five dollars ($5.00) from the Champion Township Zoning Inspector.

(b)   Any person conducting a GARAGE SALE for which a permit is required under this SECTION who has failed to secure a permit before such sale has begun, shall be required to pay the sum of five dollars ($5.00) per day for each day of such violation.raph here.